Hidy ho, readers. I fear tonight might be a short post due to my ineptitude and horrible memory; I forgot to write earlier and now I'm sleepy.

There's really not much to tell this time anyway, but...
I have noticed that in the last couple of weeks more feeling has come back in the roof of my mouth, which I am super happy about.  I really like to brush the roof of my mouth when I brush my teeth (does anyone else do that?) but I haven't since the surgery because I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself.  My brushing just doesn't feel complete if I can't rake the bristles across my palate.  Soon, though, I think I'll get to feeling everything again.
The only other numbness still bothering me is my philtrum and my nose.
My upper lip continues to fluctuate with how numb it is.  Normally I don't notice anything wrong with it, but whenever I do anything strenuous--don't worry, this is very, very seldom--it gets all tingly and uncomfortable.  Like, all I want to is scratch it, but that doesn't do anything.
And I don't even know what's up with nose.  I have feeling all over it and everything is normal from mid nose and into my glabella, but I don't like the tip is doing right.  I can feel pressure if I touch it, but say I push my fingernail into it, then I can't feel that. Is it because that's cartilage, or am I still messed up?

By the way...
Red fingernail is your glabella, gold fingernail is your philtrum, neither of which is recognized as a real word by spell check.
I can't remember if I've been to the orthodontist or not since my last post, but I'll rehash anyway.
I went, my regular otho wasn't there, they really didn't do anything, told me to come back in two months, were promptly told that that would not happen (thanks mom!), readjusted to six weeks, then we left.  I go back at the end of the month and then hopefully the time after that will be when I get my braces off.  My front teeth are still not straight so I'm going to point this out to them next time.  My upper right 2 doesn't look exactly right to me either, but I seriously don't want to just go in there telling them how to do their job.
But, yo, I've gone through nearly two and a half years of braces and double jaw surgery without ever having to wear rubber bands.  I rock.  Or my ortho does, but I like to think that after all the trouble I've had with my mouth (consult my first post if you need to) they decided to cooperate just this once.

Back to my lips though, I realized yesterday in theatre that I have no control over the upper one anymore. We were playing chubby bunny, but with grapes...
...when it became apparent that I could never win, because I can't stretch my top lip over a grape.  I still have lots of scar tissue up there and half the time I can't even reach parts of my upper mouth with my tongue.  It stinks when this starts affecting important things like chubby bunny, but it's super annoying when it comes to eating.  Oh my goodess.  Ground beef (i.e. the only meat I really like very much) is just a nightmare to get out of scar tissue.  You can swish water, you can try to use your finger, but it very rarely works. And also (sorry for the stream of consciousness going on here, but I need to go to bed!) the inside of my nose is also an area that is isn't very easily reached anymore.  Sorry if you don't want to know anything about my snot, but I'm telling you anyway.  If you recall, I wasn't allowed to blow my nose for the first few weeks after my surgery because I might bleed to death or something, but I still can't blow it five months later.  It's uncomfortable.  And believe me, even if I wanted to take my fingers digging for gold, I couldn't because that hurts too.  There's some kind of freaky bone feeling thing protruding from my right nostril, so I'm just trying to leave my nose alone.  But this, in turn, makes is harder for me to breathe and that is why I'm still sleeping with my mouth open which is something I wanted to end after the surgery.  I've still got my surgery bandages, so I'm thinking I'll to ignore the reddish stains on them--maybe it's just medicine?--and wrap them around my face so tightly that my mouth can't open after I fall asleep.  It works in theory, but I probably won't be able to sleep with them on.
Okay, guys, I'm seriously pushing it now and I can think of nothing more that is pertinent to my surgery.  Plus, this post is reaching dangerous levels of erraticism that haven't been seen since I was doped up on pain medication. So I'll just close by saying that even though my hair has been a hot mess lately, I still love myself.  Like, for real, I'm great.  Have you seen my nose?! Oh goodness, I just can't stop talking about it. But now I need to so here's copious amounts of pictures for you.

My dad is sitting within view of the webcam and I don't want his feet in my pictures so these are all just somethings taken away from computer. Jeez, I don't live at this desk you know. Get over it.

I'm actually pointing at a mustache painting on my cheek, but we can pretend it's actually just my beautiful jaw.


And here I am without an arm.


Here's my hair curled.
Pre-surgery Susan couldn't have pulled that off.

Oh my goodness, I just remembered how I used to laugh at before and after surgery pictures because everybody's hair had changed so much that it was hard to get a real idea of how much everybody changed. But now I've done the same thing by changing the color and growing it out!

See, I have friends now that I'm pretty! Though I don't know how I always end up on the same side of the picture.

Anyway, goodnight and jeg elsker dig!
11/16/2011 02:58:42 pm

Me loooves this!:) hehe I'm the black girl in the pics! Not the one with the red shirt though


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