I'm so glad I'm not a smoker.  This whole ordeal has made me realize how very little will power I actually have, and I know for a fact that if I was to try to quit smoking, I definitely could not.  I mean, with this it's not physically possible for me to consume what I'm craving, but cigarettes are always available.  I'm just saying, I now have serious respect for anybody that has managed to quit smoking.
Right now lasagna is my nicotine. I want it so badly!
Speaking of food, I dreamed about eating a hamburger last night, and bacon the night before.
And you know what, America?  I don't think it's entirely necessary that every single commercial be about amazing Taco Bell or Pizza Hut's new $10 deals.  Advertise something like liver!

Earlier I ate maybe four bites of refried bean soup.  I wasn't really crazy about it, but I'm sure I would have liked it better if my mouth didn't taste like a dead cat all the time.

I'm sleeping better at night now!  I'm supposed to sleep at a 45 degree angle to keep my swelling down, but I always manage to roll over on my face during the night. I like to sleep on my stomach, so you can see where this is a problem, but I simply cannot stay asleep on my back.  Last night I put a king size pillow under my chin, so if I rolled over the pillow would inhibit how far my face moved.

As far as swelling goes, things are still looking pretty much the same.  My surgeon's office called today to check up on me and the lady said my swelling should go down by Thursday, one week post-op. 
I think my lips are even bigger now, though.  Earlier I pulled the entire outer layer of my lips off which, surprisingly, made me feel really good.  I had only intended to pull off some dead skin at the corner of my mouth, but my whole lip soon detached itself.  It's really not as gross as it sounds, because all I really had to do was pull a little and a whole bunch of skin was ready to come off.  The reason it felt so great, though, was because it pulled a whole bunch of gunky dried blood and junk out of my mouth with it.  Honestly, it was like a huge booger after a nose bleed. Gross, I know, but relieving.

Oh, and after that I drank from a cup! A CUP! I feel so human again!!!
The only problem is I still have to use the mirror and I can't see my mouth because the cup is in the way.  Kinda counterproductive, and I always get too much and choke and spit it all over myself, but it's worth it.

And that's all that's happened today. Fun stuff.
I look rather bewildered, but I'm trying to show you how close I am to closing my lips!
Currently Reading: The Hunger Games
Current Weight: 111.5 lbs
Current Task: Drinking more water

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