Today was good!  I've felt good all day long!
I woke up this morning in a lot of pain because I slept on my face last night, but since I took some pain meds I've been feeling good.  In fact, I haven't taken any Lortab in six hours!

So, that locker I mentioned? Number 1251?
I wasn't feeling up to dealing with the awful people and their even worse mothers that would be at school today, so my mother went for me.  And she snagged me a rather good parking spot! Go Mom!

The only real news today is that I ate a good amount of potato soup and I ate some ramen noodles.
I don't really like potatoes so I loaded it with cheese, sour cream, and salt and it was pretty good.  The ramen I ate later was only mildy desirable--the only information on flavor was "noodle"-- so I ditched it and am going to eat some pudding soon.  Thinking about it now, the ramen wasn't a good decision seeing that my lips are raw and ramen is basically 100% salt.  But it's okay, vaseline is a lifesaver.
Sadly though, no matter what I eat or how much I brush, my mouth continues to smell like salmon.

I guess since the pain is subsiding the days are getting less and less interesting to read and write about.
Sorry! Maybe tomorrow will bring new excitement.

And to close I will say that now that I'm feeling better, I'm feeling up to laughing.
Big mistake.
Me and my parents just had a laugh attack and I must say it was the most painful thing that's happened to me since I came home from the hospital.  It stretched my lips and I could feel the stitches under my nose ripping.
So nothing funny!

Lastly, thank you to everyone that's been reading this silly little blog.  It's nice to know you care!
Look at that! That's almost a smile!!!
Currently Reading: The Hunger Games  (Seriously good, I would recommend)
Current Weight: 111.9 --That's up!
Current Task: Weaning myself off of my dwindling stash of lortab
Ron Burns
6/22/2011 05:32:55 am

Glad to hear that things are getting less interesting! I hear The Hunger Games trilogy is good (my son, Andy, and his girlfriend really like them!).
Hope to see you soon! Still thinking about you and praying for you!

6/22/2011 05:50:50 am

Thank you, Bro. Ron!
Tonight's post promises to be more interesting-- it's not been a very good morning. I'm feeling much better now, but I don't think I'm up to coming to church tonight. I'm going to try my best to be there Sunday!


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