Today I put on clothes.

I slept until noon and probably wouldn't have woken up then if my mom hadn't come and talked to me.
I'm not sure if today was just going to be a bad day anyway or if the sleeping put me over the edge, but it's been rough.  I had a bad headache, my jaw was aching, and the place where they cut me under my nose was actually hurting.  Needless to say, I happily took some lortab.

I'm running low on said lortab so my mom called the surgeon and he got me a refill.  And that refill was for pills.  Yes, pills!  No more liquid lortab!

At around 4:30, I ate some more of those tasty tater tots.

Two of my friends came by later even though I expressly told them that I didn't want them to come over.
The only reason I tolerated them was because they brought me some "presents."  Yes, they were generous enough to bring me a balloon, a birthday card with one dollar in it, and some chewy candy--already opened, mind you--that I clearly can't eat yet.
I'm joking, obviously.  I mean, they really did bring me those sad, sad gifts... really should I even call them gifts?  But it was nice to see them.  They made me laugh more than was comfortable for my face and thankfully I had actually cleaned up before they came.  

After they left we--my mom, dad, brother, and I--went to Panera and we all had soup.
I myself had "creamy tomato" and, boy, was it good.  I ate the entire bowl!  This feat was accomplished in no less than an hour, but it was a feat nonetheless.  For real, that soup was amazing.  And once they soaked in the soup I was able to eat some of the croutons in there too.  I also ate the soft inside of the bread that came with the soup.  Mayonnaise is my favorite condiment and I've missed it dearly since the surgery so I put that on the bread.  I know it sounds gross, but it was just like a sandwich... without the rest of the stuff that actually makes it a sandwich. 
Go without real food for a week and see what you'll eat!

When I finally finished eating we went over to Books-A-Million.  On the plus side of this experience, I got three books, all generous gifts.  On the not so plus side, I ran into those pesky friends of mine again.
At one point I saw this guy from school that I've never really talked to but we've had enough classes together to recognize each other and he gave me a couple of questioning looks.  The way he was looking at me either said something like, "Do I know her?  She looks familiar. Just look away.  Wait, is that--?  No... Yeah, just ignore her" or "What's up with that chick's face?"  Either way I got a good laugh out of it.

Now we've returned home and I'm planning on taking my anti-biotics, turning in early, and reading into the wee hours of the night.  Actually, scratch that last part; I need to get back on a normal sleeping schedule so I'll start feeling better.
Despite the look on my face, I'm SO happy to say that this is one of my final doses of orange gunk.
This squirt water bottle has also make water intake much easier.
And finally, almost a real smile!
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