Sorry for not updating yesterday!  I'd have to say yesterday was the worst day so far so I took all my medicines and turned in early.
It looks like today's going to be a short post because I still can't focus on anything right now.
There's good news though! I think a good deal of my swelling went down last night and I was having an easier time talking than I had been, but I'm pretty sure I slept on my side or something because I'm all puffed up again.
Yesterday we had some visitors from church and a friend from school came over and brought me some stuff.
Pudding, ramen, grits, cranberry juice, and apple sauce from my orthodontist's office.
Straws, one of those cups you refrigerate, soup, stuff to keep me entertained, etc. from my neighbor.
Flowers from a couple at church.
Balloons from other's at church.
My dry erase board from mi hermano.
Teddy bear, bag, and puzzle from a friend.
As far as today goes, I'm fairly happy.  My pain has been pretty tolerable, but I can feel myself getting addicted to the Lortab already.  I'm trying to cut back and only take it when something really hurts, but, as you can probably imagine, EVERYTHING HURTS!
Right now, all I want is to put something warm on face, but I'm only allowed to put ice on it.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take some more pain killers!

I managed to eat some tomato soup this afternoon!  This was made a ton easier by ditching my syringe for a plastic spoon and using a hand held mirror to see where my lips were.

I'm still drooling like crazy, but I've regained some feeling in my chin and lower lip, so it's dramatically decreased from Friday.  I do miss my little suction tube I had at the hospital, though.  It was just like that thing they use at the dentist's office to suck out your spit and stuff.  They really should sell those at Wal-Mart or something. 

One totally weird thing I wasn't expecting, is how oiley my face gets.  I mean, I try to wash it but I can't really feel it, so I think I must not be doing a good job.  My hair's also sticky from the tape they used to keep it out of my face and I can't seem to get all of it off.  Maybe this calls for more pain medication...

A little while ago a friend called me asking if I wanted her to bring me a milkshake.  Oh, I wish.
I wish, I wish, I wish I could use a straw.  Unfortunatley though, my lips don't even come close to closing, or really even moving for that matter.  No kidding, they're like big hard lumps that I can't do anything with.  Like breast implants, but on my face.

Anyway, I'd say that overall today was a five.  Not too great, not too bad.  It lifted my spirits to hear that lots of people are following what write on here and have asked other people how I'm doing.  Plus, my brother bought me a dry erase board so I'm communicating better than I was a few days ago.

All I want right now is a pizza.  Or a hamburger.  I'd even settle for a corndog, if I could just chew!
But right now, after experimenting with raspberry sherbet and ginger ale, it looks like I'm still stuck with Ensure.  It tasted like diet chocolate and makes my mouth all gunky, but it's better than nothing.

And finally, today's pictures:
Sorry for the awful lighting; it's the best I can do right now.
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The Spawn of Satan
6/19/2011 09:45:02 pm

Well rest assured any communication with me will be completely using-your-mouthless.

-Your sister

6/20/2011 03:56:11 am

Yes, fists only!

Erin Douglas
6/20/2011 10:32:11 am

susan!! love your blog! wish there was a like button for like every sentence :p i kept wanting to like everything!! can i please come see you on your birthday for a lil bit?!?! i love you mucho!! :) super glad to hear you're doing good! and that things are starting to shape up you're still in my prayers everyday! hope to see you soon love you sister!! ~Erin(a.k.a bffl:))


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