In less than 24 hours I will be out of surgery!
I'm really excited right now and, surprisingly, I'm not that nervous.  I'm staying calm and collected right now, but I think I may be subconsciously freaking out because I've been having headaches all week.  Normally I would just take 2 or 12 Excedrin and get over it, but Excedrin and Advil have aspirin in them so I'm not allowed to take them.  This leaves me with Acetaminophen based medicines like Tylenol which really don't work at all. Oh well, by this time tomorrow I'll have precious morphine and all will be well.

Since I won't really be able to do much the rest of the summer, my mom took me and three of my friends to Six Flags on Monday and I had a friend stay at my house for three days.  It was good having some more people to ramble to about my surgery considering I never get tired of telling people the gory details.  This friend that stayed with me told me about a friend of hers who had the surgery a few months ago, so I went to check out his Facebook and see if he had any pictures from after the surgery, but I didn't see any.  This discouraged me a little because I was hoping to see how someone my age recovered, but I guess it'll still be a surprise.  I like surprises!
At least, I'm trying to.

Yesterday my mother, my friend, and I went to the grocery store and picked up lots of food for my post-surgery diet and my prescriptions.

First we bought lots of Ensure.
With lots of special stuff to help me recover faster.
With different special stuff to help me maintain my weight.
Yeah, you read that caption right.  They make this stuff specially formulated so I won't look like someone that's been locked in a basement for seven years! I like it already!
Plus, I dropped one earlier and it killed a fly that had been bothering me.  Go Ensure!

And here's that wonderful bag of goodies my surgeon provided me with.
Squirt water bottle for my numb, immobile lips; a liquid diet cook book; rubber bands; a pen; mouth wash, a tiny baby toothbrush; chap-stick; a nice folder to hold all my information in; that wonderful Best Buy gift card.
The title sounds a little counter intuitive, but we'll roll with it since it has some okay recipes in it.
One of those okay recipes, however, is not the peanut butter and tomato soup recipe.

This morning we went to the school to pick up some forms that need to be signed by me because the actual date to do it at the school is right after my surgery.  They didn't even have all of them yet.
The lady said my mom could just sign them for me next Tuesday, but I want to go myself and make sure they give me locker number 1251.  I want it badly.  So the anti-swelling medicine I had hoped to skip out on will be ingested after all.
My arsenal of drugs--minus one bottle that I've misplaced. Oops!
In a few hours I'll be going to church for the last time for a week or so and I think it's been hinted at that there may be pizza for me tonight. Man, I love my church family!
After some serious prayer with my youth group tonight, my brother is going to take me out for frozen yogurt--which I'll hopefully be able to eat soon after the surgery-- and then I'll be coming home to be a total control freak and try to pack for the hospital.
My list so far:
  • Vaseline for my sad, sad lips
  • A book
  • Magazines
  • My iPod (here's to hoping the hospital has WiFi)
  • My awesome batman boxers
  • Glasses (Will they fit on my swollen face?)

The list will probably grow as I think of more and more things I have to have, but that's all I can think of right now.  
My sister just sent me some socks for my birthday (yes, laugh, but it's what I wanted) from Japan, and you know how the Japanese like to make everything kawaii--cute--so I think I'll take these and make the nurses laugh.
They even have little arms and legs!
Jikai made!
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